The Franchise

The profound and international experience of working with our own shops and several HANDMADE® franchises for more than 10 years, ensures the success of our robust model and the validity of the concept within different regions and markets. Our brand has been present in Colombia, the United States of America, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, our artisans with more than 50 years of experience in shoe manufacturing guarantee the superior quality of our products compared to the competition.

Our HANDMADE® shops all around the world are colorful, fun and an experience by themselves. Several of them are in fact recommended visits by AirBnb Experiences, TripAdvisor and Viator. Our products are loved both by locals for its competitive price and by visitors for its unique artisanal origins. Our girls at the shops are all artisans and they provide an amazing journey to any customer coming in.

We implement in all our locations the four lines of business of the brand:
    • Premium finished products for summer and winter, ensuring a profitable year-round offering
    • Custom-made traditional espadrilles made on the spot as a show and attraction
    • Online sales exclusivity for the first franchisee in each country, website included
    • The Workshop Experience, an unique daily activity with great profit
    This way we are able to provide the franchisees with several simultaneous sources of income within the same investment.

    All our franchises are ran by energetic entrepreneurs with the resources, the knowledge and the interest in opening a very exclusive and unique location in their cities.


    Our Shops

    The music, the scent, bold colors and fun designs make our shops unique, with a strong image that stands out.

    Our Shoes

    All handmade in Spain, with the best natural materials including premium leather, quality cotton canvas and fine linen.

    Our Training

    All the employees receive an amazing training process in sales and shoe-making, so that each customer interaction is truly meaningful and immersive.

    Our Workshop

    This is the only brand of its kind making shoes on the spot, following the customer instructions, transforming the whole process into an experience itself.

    Our Online Resources

    We design and implement a beautiful website for your country so that you get the exclusive rights to the online sales too, as a yet another way to give quality service to your customers.

    Our Social Impact

    Our socially responsable mission, which not only does good in the world, but also ensures a better future when it comes to policies, customers and trends in the market. We have been socially good since our foundation.


    Check out our products, our shops and our concept. If you feel like it is something that would work in your city, let’s connect and build a project together! Our franchisees usually have their own shop already, located in a premium area, and want to transform it in something new, unique and more valuable to customers.

    However, if you have the resources and the spirit for it, but not the place, we will help you to find the right spot for the new shop, starting the whole project from scratch.

    In all cases, we take care of the project design and management, the implementation of the brand in the chosen shop, the training of the personnel, the initial sales for 2 weeks, the build-up of The Workshop and then the continuous support for re-stocking and marketing.

    Drop us an email at, visit us in Barcelona or get in touch via WhatsApp here


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