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Stylish Shoes, Ethically Made

- stylish -  

Each pair of Handmade ® Barcelona is beautifully handcrafted by artisans with premium leather. Our designs are inspired by the local traditions of Spanish culture, where our founders were born and raised.


''They are perfect and just beautiful :) I love them and will definitely come back.'' - Maui O.

''These instantly dress up any outfit and make me look as if I put in 10x the effort. I've been looking for the perfect bootie that can be both casual/dressy, and I'm so glad I held out for these!''- Chung. Q. 

''Best boot I've ever owned. Extremely comfortable even after hours of use and looks fantastic as well. I am hoping to buy more in the future.'' - Lion. A.


- ethical -  

Handmade ® Barcelona helps unemployed artisans to become sustainable business owners and job creators. A business model deeply rooted in helping communities socially thrive on their own merits, work pride and sense of accomplishment. 


''Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.''

Mamahuhu Ethical Business Model

Handmade Matters®  Ethical Business Model


Back in 2011, social entrepreneur Luis Moreno walked along the streets of Bogota, Colombia, and saw a man repairing shoes in a stall. His name was Rozo, who used to work at a shoe production company as a master artisan. With mass production moved to Asia, 80% of the workers were laid off, including Rozo. Upon hearing the story, Luis asked him to make a sample shoe. One week later, the very first Colorines were created, handmade in beautiful red leather, with the very unique stitching signature of the brand. Within 6 years, and after a great success of the model in Colombia, Luis brought the same social model to Spain, and that’s where Handmade Matters ® started...











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