Our Story

The concept

We handcraft unique shoes, and then we turn them into an experience.

Each pair of our shoes is beautifully handmade by happy artisans, using only the best materials.
Our designs are inspired by the local traditions of the Spanish culture. Our shops are places to go for a fun time, a thing to do in the city. It is not shopping, it is an experience.

Who are we?

We are a passionate team of espadrilles artisans creating the most amazing experiences when it comes to shoemaking. We started more than 10 years ago in the city of Granada (Spain) and we are now expanding our reach internationally. Come and meet us all in person in any of our shops, and in the meanwhile, check our Instagram to see what we do, and more important, how is it that we do it. We love what we do and that's why this is working!

What is our mission?

Our mission is to keep alive the tradition of family-owned workshops. We do this by empowering and supporting artisans to become successful. We have trained over 1,000 artisans so far in two different continents. With each purchase, you also contribute to our mission. Our business model is deeply rooted in helping communities socially thrive on their own merits, work pride and sense of accomplishment. Plus, we make all this FUN.

Since 2010 we have...

Managed to achieve the following numbers

  • 200.064

    Shoes sold

  • 3.375

    Workshops hosted

  • 5.956

    5-star reviews received

  • 71

    Direct Employees


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