My New Adventure at Handmade

My New Adventure at Handmade

, by Alex Whiteland, 3 min reading time

My name is Alex, and I want to tell you all about how Handmade is helping me grow.


Hi, my name is Alex, and I am an entrepreneur from the United Kingdom with a strong passion for environmental and ethical responsibility within the business world. Having just graduated from University, and looking for a new challenge. I discovered the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, and through that Handmade. The program pairs young entrepreneurs with more experienced ones, who can offer hands-on experience to help bring back to the young entrepreneur's own company. Handmade’s brand history and values instantly resonated with me, and I wanted to get involved straight away to see what I can learn. 



Here is what Luis had to say:

“Having Alex has helped to bring a fresh perspective to our company. He has an experienced background in retail in both employment and his own company. I am confident he will be able to bring a lot to the company and hopefully take advantage of working in a dynamic rapidly growing organization.”

Handmade has a proud history for involving entrepreneurs from around Europe to come and work in their organization. I am now their 7th new entrepreneur. The program has been so successful with Handmade that two participants have stayed within the organization and become invaluable team members. 

One of these is Bene from Romania, who’s expertise in web design, IT skills and graphic design, have become indispensable. As Luis put it: “It has been so far the best new entrepreneurs we have had, so much that it felt he was practically a co-founder rather than an external collaborator. He has been so immersed in the company that his role is now a necessity. Thanks to him and his work, we managed to rank our company first on Google Maps in Barcelona for handmade shoes”. 



Bene (pictured with Handmade co-founder Victor) is grateful for all the support offered by Luis during his stay. Bene said “I believe that his story is not talked about enough, there is an amazing tale behind Luis’ project that I have been able to live in person. As a mentor, he didn’t only guide me through my business-oriented decisions, but most importantly he inspired me to think bigger, to continue improving myself and to grow my business.”

 A more recent Erasmus graduate is Silvia from Honduras. With her company in its infancy, she was eager to immerse herself in all elements of the store. She is now responsible for managing the Avinyo store while supervising online sales and distribution. She describes the experience as “a crucial stepping stone to her becoming an entrepreneur. Without Handmade it would have taken me three times as long to develop my skills and knowledge in the fashion industry.” 



Writing this blog and finding out more about what my predecessors have achieved at Handmade, has made me even more excited to go on and achieve great things with this great company. I am so happy being part of such a diverse team and that Luis is excited to hear new ideas and continuously improve the company.

I hope this post has taught you something you didn’t know already about Handmade. So if you would like others to hear this story, please share on:



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