Mother's Day Workshop Experience

, by Bene Laszlo, 17 min reading time

Happy Mother's Day!
Thanks to you, we have recently managed to accomplish two great titles with our workshop. We are really grateful for all your help and support.
We are #7 on Tripadvisor on the top list of  all the shopping experiences from Barcelona. Amazing, right?
Also, on Airbnb, we are ranked in the Top 10% Worldwide Experiences, with 170+ 5-star reviews!
As you can see, our workshop is among the best experiences in the world. What could be a better gift for Mother's Day, than a custom-made pair of Espadrilles, that we are going to make live?
How will that work?
You can book a place for the online Mother's Day Workshop until the 2nd of May. Then, on the 3rd of May, we are going to make all the Espadrilles live on Instagram. During the live stream we will ask for your mother's shoe size, her preferred colors and her preferred type of stitching, there are more than 125 variations! 
To make an idea about the whole process, check out the video below:
HANDMADE® BARCELONA - Mother's Day Workshop Experience
Book now!
If you want, we can even make the whole experience a surprise. Just tell us a specific date and time and a way to reach your mother and we will make a surprise call, then stitch her pair of Espadrilles live!
If you consider that the live streaming is not fit for you, we can record a video of us making the shoes and send it to you.
Once your shoes are ready, we will ship them to your door for FREE with the express 72h international shipping service offered by DHL or FedEx.

What will you get:
  • A really unique gift for Mother's Day
  • A customized pair of espadrilles
  • The story of the most iconic shoes from Spain
  • A happy mother :)
Book now!
Thank you, stay healthy and keep in touch with us via our Whatsapp (+34) 640 126 099


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