Top 20 Must Follow Ethical Fashion Bloggers In 2018

, by Karima Arezo Popal-Akhzarati, 12 min reading time



In this article I will take you into a journey through the vibrant scene of ethical fashion blogger, and introduce you to the top 20 ethical and sustainable fashion bloggers that are worth being followed if you wish to make ethical fashion part of your world.
The following introduction – listed randomly :) - does not only name the most popular blogs such as by the bestselling author and fashion designer Sass Brown, but also some blogs that you might not even know yet.
You will be amazed by their work and passion, I promise :)
This blogpost is part of our series The Ultimate Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Fashion (Top 34 resources). Read on and discover people with missions and visions like yours and ours at Mamahuhu



1.) Melanin & Sustainable Style





MelaninASS stands for: Melanin And Sustainable Style, a blog that is dedicated to communities of color that are active in the field of sustainability when it comes to fashion and beauty. To my knowledge and research, this blog is unique on its idea of empowering the community by supporting non-toxic fashion. They go for diversity and style “AT THE SAME DAMN TIME” (as the author makes explicit). Hang out at MelaninASS, get inspired, learn new aspects of ethical fashion and fall in love with the content! 





2.) Ethicalelephant


Are you searching for well-researched reviews on vegan and cruelty free beauty fashion products? Vicky Ly gives incredible helpful tips on these topics on her blog Ethicalelephant, started in 2015 after doing numerous things to improve the welfare of animals… Ethicalelephant is definitely a main resource when it comes to reliable information about an ethical lifestyle related to the wild life!



3.) Jan n’ June

In 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, the Fair Fashion startup Jan ‘n June came to life with the vision of establishing a fair ethical and affordable high Fashion Brand… four years later, the founders Anna and Jula present their best at this blog. It is vibrant and gives transparent insights into the daily work of a sustainable fashion business.



4.) Seasons + Salt


Andrea started this beautiful blog Season + Salt in 2015 with the aim to change the main direction of fast fashion towards slow and conscious fashion. She works exclusively with ethical brands and designers that follow the same vision. Get inspired by her sparkling feel-good and do-good style compiled in her weekly look-books!



5.) Cultura Con Wellness

Ever heard or read about conscious sustainable lifestyle that empowers the Latino community…?


Then explore Cultura Con Wellness. Cindy combines an ethical way of living with her cultural background of Guatemalan and Salvadorian Origins. As a result of this combination you can find for example great post about “4 Simple Steps To Make Ponche Guatemalteco for the Holidays” or find out about the Latinx Heritage Month Collab which shows astonishing make-up looks using Latino owned ingredients from conscious brands.



6.) Tortoise & Lady Grey


This lifestyle blog was created by Summer in order to show the world that sustainability and fashion can go very well hand by hand. You want to know how? Summer shows it! On her blog you are called upon a 20 Days Sustainable Fashion Challenge and you are introduced to 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe. Make sure to check on Tortoise and Lady Grey’s!  



7.) Eco Fashion Talk


Do you want to lose sense of time while reading and exploring the endless world of the Eco Fashion World? Here on the blog Eco Fashion Talk you will. The articles are fascinating and give deep insights and particular perspectives on the field. This blog is one of the main resources if you want to gain serious information and to be introduced to great designers and brands working with the zero waste policy and other eco friendly garments.



8.) StyleWise


What is StyleWise about? On this amazing blog you get monthly posts on nearly everything you need and want to know about conscious brands and social justice via sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Leah reviews fantastic ethical fashion brands and shares her personal eco wardrobe that proves how stylish Eco can be!



9.) Bead & Reel


Do you want some personal insights of the life and work of a Hollywood Costume Designer? Than Bead and Reel is the right place to look: Sica Schmitz wanted to show her values as a vegan and supporter of charitable working conditions. That’s when she founded her ethical boutique Bead and Reel. Dive into her (digital) world at Bead and Reel and find inspiration for your ethical wardrobe.



10.) Ethical Fashion Guatemala


Ethical Fashion Guatemala is owned and led by a group of weavers and artisans from Guatemala. In this blog you can discover a wide range of products, from weaving or chocolate workshops to handmade luxury leather products- you find here nearly everything that your ethical heart desires.

On their commendable blog you can explore as well how the Guatemalan artisans work and create ethical pieces (by hand), you are introduced to Guatemalan fashion designers and to Guatemala’s top fashion brands! Don’t miss out to participate on this great work.



11. Ecocult

EcoCult is a celebration of all that exists in the cross between beauty and sustainability. With a lighter and fun tone than most sustainability focused blogs and publications, EcoCult makes going green fun! Which is what it should be, and is! Look to Alden for inspiration and great reads :) Worth to follow this great resource …



12. Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini is the original Eco Warrior Princess, and has been writing about sustainability since 2010! Jennifer and her team works from two angles. First they work to raise awareness of the social and environmental impact by highlighting brands and people doing good. Secondly they give first hand accounts on how it is to live life ethically and sustainably, with the successes and failures that comes with it. A refreshing read, that will keep you entertained and motivated all at once. Much love and thanks for that!



13.) People Tree – Sustainable and Fair Trade  Fashion


The award winning foundation People Tree is definitely one of the most famous and popular resources on Sustainable and Fair-Trade fashion. Starting their work back in 1991 they called themselves the “pioneers” of Fair Fashion. Their main goal is the achievement of labour and environmental justices. On their blog The Thread you find practical guides for an ethical way of living or eco friendly product swaps.



14.) Fashion Me Green


Greta Eagan is the author of the bestselling book Wear No Evil which was recommended on my last blog post as one of the 20 books on ethical and sustainable fashion.
On her informative and eye opening blog Fashion Me Green you can gain important knowledge about textiles, pesticides-free production, the way re- and up-cycling work and how you can engage in Fair Fashion and go green. You will just love Greta’s great work!



15.) Blog of CSF – Centre for Sustainable Fashion 


The Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) is a Research Centre of the University of the Arts London (UAL). Do you want to know the best part? The blog of this scientific centre consists of the contribution of all the professional members of CSF such as Kate Fletcher, Sandy Black and many many more cool and highly engaged activists. I can’t recommend their blog more! Science and Eco together!



16.) Sustainably Chic


Another personality with integrity who cares for the world and environment is Natalie Kay. On Sustainably Chic she writes about her persuasion that fashion can exist responsibly which is the motto of her blog. While reading her posts you can feel her authenticity and originality. Furthermore I’m in love with her inspirational eco fashion lookbooks. This source definitely needs to be explored!



17.) The Good Trade

The Good Trade has turned into a powerhouse within the ethical fashion industry. Originally started as an online community for ethical consumers, it has now grown into a force for good. The Cadwell's and their team is on a mission to drive significant social change. By enlightening readers about ethical brands, products, and ideas, power and money is moved from unethical companies to those who are sustainable and free from forced labor.

What makes it so exciting?

It is working!



18.) Life + Style + Justice


As Hannah Marian’s blog names it, she combines Life + Style + Justice. The idea behind this concept is to bring justice into your everyday life by following an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Her blog covers topics from women’s rights and fashion, to her thoughts on the tragedy of Rana Plaza after visiting Bangladesh and her recommendations for everyday products towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Here you can find a lot of high quality mind food :)


  19.) Un-Fancy


Caroline started her ethical fashion blog Un-Fancy in 2014 with the idea of exploring new ways of living fashion by a simplified wardrobe. She shares the lessons she learnt on her journey. Beyond this, Caroline gives you a bunch of ideas of how to style and combine creatively few but good pieces.

Make sure to check out her outfits and 10x10 wardrobe challenges. It’s pure joy to jump with Caroline into ethical fashion and style. 



20.) Style Destino

From Dubai to Mumbai to New York: Style Destino shows how to live and style vegan, no matter where you are. You gain great insights about best places to shop vegan in Mumbai, eat vegan in New York and to be vegan stylish in Downtown Dubai. Shruti Jain started Style Destino back in 2011 by sharing her personal journey to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Among other interesting things you find reviews and recommendations of unknown but high quality designers and their products, such as Payal Khandwala’s pieces of beauty.



Good things come in threes

First, we hope you enjoyed reading!
Second, we want to know: who is your favorite Blogger worth to be followed in 2018? Leave a comment.
Third, everyone should follow at least one ethical fashion blogger: please share our post with friends & family!




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